Welcome to the Initiative for Inclusive Heathenry

We are here to promote and provide resources for the world wide Heathen and Ásatrú community.  Our founding belief is that the practice of our religion is open to anyone who is called to practice it.  We also will be promoting groups that are inclusive and events that welcome all.  To that effect, any group you find on our pages had agreed to the following minimum requirements:

All groups that affiliate with us have agreed to the following minimum requirements:

  • Membership in the organization is not limited by: 
    • Sex
    • Age
    • Race
    • Disabilities
    • Sexual orientation
    • Gender identity
  • Member organizations have the above inclusivity written in their governing documents. 
  • Member organizations will work with groups to promote inclusive ideals.
  • Member organizations will speak against non-inclusive ideals 
  • Member organizations will educate others about inclusiveness in Heathenry/Ásatrú

In addition, we encourage all organizations to obtain signatures from their members agreeing to uphold these ideals, and to actively remove members who violate these ideals.